Bill & Megan Buhler

While I'm sure there are many people out here who saw our wedding invitations and said, "Oh, look, they have a website, that's just like Bill", the rest of you that have come over to check it out are probably saying, "who is Bill?", and of course "How could he have convinced Megan to marry him?". I'm happy to cover that first question here, the second, well... there really isn't a good explanation, to me it defies logic.

I'm the second of seven children, and oldest son, and ironically both Megan and I are mirror image, She's the oldest, having a brother that is twelve months younger than her, while I'm the second oldest with a sister that is thirteen months older than I. When we first started talking about our families I thought that was a pretty amazing coincidence.

Unlike Megan I've lived most of my life in Utah, I was born in Bountiful Utah in the fall of '76, which I loved as a child because I had a red white and blue birth certificate. As I grew up I loved to take apart anything I could get my hands on (much to the dismay of some of my siblings on occasion). I also would shadow my parents asking a constant stream of questions. After High School I had the opportunity to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was assigned to the Scotland Edinburgh Mission. This was a amazing experience, and I consider the Brittish Isles to be one of the most beautiful parts of the world. While missions aren't exactly easy it has been a milestone in my life because of what it taught me about myself and my religion.

After my mission I did contract web development for a .com startup, and through the contacts I made there, networked to find my current job at TecCon, in spring of 1999, where I've specialized in hetergenous computer networks, and lately VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephone systems.

I first met Megan last January when I moved into a new Ward and was put on the activities commitee with her. We had a few brief conversations, before she even registered who I was, but in March last year she was throwing a Mystery Dinner party and one of the guests fell through. Megan sent out a email to the ward members, asking if anyone would be interested in attending. I was feeling like I needed to immerse myself in the ward more, so I called her up and asked if I could come.

The party was tons of fun. I was the only person without a script card, so I had to adlib everything. Many people didn't know I didn't have a card until we were most of the way through. Apparently I really impressed her with my adlib skills because she invited me to a passover party she was throwing. After that we started to do more and more things together, until we fell in love and I convinced her marry me.